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Artist Statement | Grass Portfolio
self portrait lost and found in grass
The idea for GRASS came from a series of photographs of foxtail plants which I made several years ago near Johnson Lake in Banff National Park. I have always loved these photographs but never printed them, they express much of the essential nature of grass which interests me.

Grass lives in community and yet the individual grass is a being of elegance and grace. It is wedded to the air element so one of it’s essential qualities is movement, both a challenge and opportunity for a photographer as it moves in and out of focus, in and out of the viewfinder frame.

Grass has a wonderful ability to capture light, which is actually a reflection from the surfaces of stem and seedhead but appears to be an offering of the plant itself.
The urge to personify grass is irresistible, as is the temptation to see it as metaphor. I see grass as screen, crane, waft, words active as both nouns and verbs. I have photographed grass as both landscape and portrait.

The photographs in this body of work were made near Banff and in Van Deusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, itself a metaphor with its simulations of natural ecosystems from around the world, it’s peace and sanctuary in the midst of a bustling, multicultural, modern city.
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